Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who's a proud Mom? This Mom!

Yesterday, my oldest daughter Paige bridged from being a Brownie Scout to a Junior Scout! I'm so proud of her! 

She also received special recognition for being the top cookie seller of her Troop. She sold 251 boxes of cookies! Way to go, Paige! As impressive as that may sound, there were two girls yesterday who also received an award for selling over 1,000 boxes each! Now that's impressive! I don't think I could have handled that, I almost lost my mind with the 250 we sold!

Paige is on the far left and the 2 girls in green vests are the ones who sold over 1,000 boxes!

I'm such a proud Mama! I took over one hundred photos yesterday for the scrapbook I am going to make Paige! I will also be making one for our Troop. Which is fine by me of course because I love making scrapbooks! And I found a Girl Scout scrapbook on sale for $3 at Big Lots the other day! (Yay!) 

Some of the girls in her Troop

After the ceremony we took the girls out for ice cream to celebrate! It was a perfect hot and sunny day for it too! 

Best ice cream in town!

So, all in all yesterday was a great day! I'm proud of my "baby" girl. She's growing so fast! 


  1. You are a proud Mama! I hope you are having a great Mother's Day! You deserve it! :)