Friday, June 8, 2012


I have the best mom ever! She went to a Scentsy party a few weeks back and she bought me this awesome electric zebra print aroma warmer! How cool is that?!

She got me a honey dew scent for it. It smells amazing. No, seriously. It does. Scentsy is new to me and her as well. I have always been more of Partylite girl, but it's just gotten too expensive lately and besides, the kids break most of shit anyway. 
But this warmer truly is awesome. I had it on for maybe 3 hours yesterday and it had the whole house smelling so great! The best part of that is the fact that the warmer is sitting on a dresser in my bedroom. Not the living room. But we could still smell it, faintly, but it was there. 
My mother is going to start selling Scentsy products. She's excited about it, as am I because I can't wait to stock up on some more scents! And maybe another warmer or two! (If we're being honest!)

If you don't know what Scentsy is, or just want to check their site out, I will let you do that right now, just click right HERE. You're welcome.

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Stop fighting it!!

Never in my life have I met a child who refuses to take medicine as much as my middle daughter does. She is unbelievable. I had to take her to the emergency room last night because her throat had a bunch of tiny red dots on it. I had never seen anything like that and so I freaked out a bit. Turns out she has strep throat and was running a fever. 

This morning, as I am attempting to give her the medicine, she not only fights me to take it in the first place but she ended up spitting it all over herself. TWICE! I had to dunk her in the tub and wash it off her because it was sticky and everywhere! Oh, the frustration!! Thank goodness she only has to be on the antibiotics for a couple days. But now she's refusing to swallow, so she's drooling all over herself and she's refusing to open her mouth to talk or anything. I don't get it at all. It's a never-ending battle with her this morning. Hopefully, she won't fight me so much tomorrow. It's only once a day medicine so I'm not going to try again today. But in the morning, the fight will resume. 

Does your son or daughter fight you to take their medicine when they are sick? Any tips or tricks you would care to share? I know I can mix some medicines in her drink, but she always seems to taste it and then refuses the drink. It's almost as if she would prefer to just stay sick and miserable. Suck it up girl! 

Thanks for reading and ALL comments and tips/tricks are welcome!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's gonna get mushy!

I'm so proud of my girls this week! Paige got a lot of recognition at her awards ceremony including Honor Roll and Brooke did great in her little musical performance! She is so shy though! It's so very cute to watch. She was singing along with the music but she wasn't doing any of the dance moves. I'm still a very proud mama though! It's hard for me to believe that Paige is advancing into the fourth grade and Brooke will be starting kindergarten! It's crazy! And to top it all off, Myles just turned 3 years old yesterday!

Paige with her certificate.

Brooke after the show.

Cupcakes and ice cream for the birthday boy!

 Paiges certificate

Two of the shirts we bought Myles.

Ok, that's enough of the pictures.

I just wanted to show off my kids and tell you all how amazingly awesome they are! I'm so proud of all of them. I teared up a bit at Brookes' school today, it's sad to think of how fast they grow up!           The teachers pointed out today that Brookes' class is the "Graduating Class of 2025" and I had never felt older in my life. It's depressing. 

I love all my babies so much.

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Peace Out!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Kill me now

It's the last week of school! Can I get a hip-hip-hooray?!?! 
This week seriously wears me out just by looking at the calendar.  Here's what we have going on.
Monday (Today)- Last Girl Scout meeting
Tuesday- Myles 3rd Birthday! Award ceremony for Paige at school.
Wednesday- Brookes' End of the Year Celebration party at her school.
Thursday- Last day of school! Girl Scout end of the year party.
Friday- Nothing (Day to REST! And prepare for the party.)
Saturday- Little Mans birthday party!
Sunday- Girl Scout field trip to the ZOOOOOOOO!!! (Hell yeah! So excited! I freaking LOVE the zoo!)

Are you as tired as I am just thinking about it all? Good grief.

And now for a subject change.

My sunflowers. The ones I planted a few weeks back. Well, I'm starting to give up. I think my black thumb has reared its' ugly head again or something because nothing is happening (at all) with those damn seeds. I had two sprouts, now only one. Don't ask me what happened to the other one because I have no idea. It just disappeared. And the one I do have is growing, or has been growing just fine. But something has once again eaten the little bitty petals on it. It's starting to make me mad. Guess maybe I should bring it in at night or something. I don't know what's going on (or not going on) with the other seeds I planted. Why wouldn't they have sprouted by now? Can the seeds be bad? Is that even an option? I can't figure it out. But I'm about ready to give up and plant something else. I have a few packs of seeds, can't remember what they are though and I don't feel like getting up to find them right now either. So. Whatever. Don't judge me. I'm allowed to be lazy from time to time.

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