Friday, May 18, 2012

Late Night Love

So, it's kinda late for me to be doing this, but whatever. It's been a very busy Friday for me. After getting the girls off to school, I came home and did some housework/laundry. Then shortly before lunch Myles and I went to Nanas' house to help her with some stuff. Then it was time to hurry back home and plant the sunflower seeds, I shouldn't have planted them in mid-day like that, but I wanted to do it before the girls got home and wanted to "help" so I kinda had to. But anyways, so I transplanted Paiges' sunflower into a bigger pot and I also planted sunflower seeds in like six or seven other pots. After picking up the girls, we changed and got ready to attend the Relay for Life event that was happening at Indian Summer Farms with Nana. We got to meet Sheriff Grady Judd, he's such a nice man - we've had the pleasure of meeting him before. Then, we did some shopping, I got a new breast cancer shirt that reads "Buck Cancer - Save the Racks" and yes, there's a deer on it - hence, "racks." Also, we joined all the participants in some walking, eating, and we watched some really cute dancers dressed as dalmatians doing a dance to Cruella De Ville. They were just adorable! Then we sat for a few and enjoyed some Rita's Ice, it was so refreshing. Thankfully, the rain stayed away for the most part while we were there. It sprinkled a bit at the start of it but it didn't last long or return. The kids and I didn't return home until about 8:30 and now they are both just passed completely out. It's so funny how they go be running strong all day and then BAM! They're out. It really was a great day though. And I apologize if this blog seems a little out of whack, but I'm trying to hurry, so deal with it. Anyways, here's a few pictures from today. Enjoy. And goodnight.

 Myles, Me, my mom Debra (Nana), Brooke and my aunt Karen 

Sheriff Grady Judd with the kids and I

 Cutest dalmatian dancers ever!


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