Friday, May 11, 2012

Mom Vs. Dad

Why is it that when Mom goes to the store to pick something up really quick, like a gallon of milk, soda, bread, whatever it is, before heading out the door she will always say "Honey, can you watch the kids while I run to the store?" But, when Dad runs to the store- he doesn't ask us, the Moms, to watch the kids. Why is that? Why do we as the Moms feel the need to ask the Dads to watch their OWN kids for a minute? It's so ridiculous. It's bad enough that we can't piss, shit or shower alone but now we're asking you to babysit your own child/children while we run out for just a couple minutes? Un-freakin-believable. And then, on top of that, I learn that it's now OK for the Dad to go out with friends after work, because he's the one working and paying the bills, he needs a time-out with his friends. I completely agree. But when is it our turn? I know I would certainly love some free time away from the kids. Who's game? Where do I sign up? Seriously. Let's do this! If Dad can go out and play, why can't Mom? Oh, wait, that's right. Because she always has a child up her ass. Literally. No wonder we are always being called a "bitch" I would be willing to put the whole paycheck that I don't receive for babysitting our kids on the fact that you would be called a "bitch" if you had a kid stuck up your rear-end all day and night too. I'm just sayin'. 


  1. I take it Dad pissed you off. I can understand, but not relate. I know it always seems that women have to play that role, rather as a submissive when they are a stay-at-home Mom and not receiving a "paycheck" rather than the Dad. They seem to think that they bring home the bacon that they need to let off some steam, but I'm certain after being with children all day long you are in need for a break as well.

    What I have always seen friends do is the husband goes out Friday night and the wife goes out on Saturday night, unless it's a date night in the case that you would both be together. :)

    Communication is always the best, but as a blogger and friend, I know it's nice to bitch about it and have people see your side. Let's face it, the whole "breadwinner" shit is totally played out. You have a 24/7 job! No wonder I am childless. My cat is too needy sometimes!

    You have a tough job and deserve a break too. You shouldn't have to ask permission and you certainly shouldn't be called a "bitch" for it.

  2. No, I'm not pissed. I just think double standards are bullshit. If it's good for you then it's good for me too. And if not, then you shouldn't be doing it either. Ya know?
    And yes, after chasing kids all day - Mama needs a break and REALLY large glass white zin. LOL

  3. I'm all for a large glass of wine! I agree double standards are total bullshit. Unfortunately, they do happen in 2012 etc...I would need a few drinks after chasing children all day. Just my one cat and I need one, lol...