Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Put Your Pink Bra On

It's official! It's that time of year again! I just completed registering for our next American Cancer Society event. Put Your Pink Bra On. I love this event! Aside from the fact that we are all there to support a great cause and raise money, we always have such a great time! Here's a pic of me and my mom at last years event in Polk City. I forgot about making myself a bra last year, but this year I won't!

It's amazing to think how just 5 years ago I had never participated in an event for breast cancer, or any other kind of cancer. But once cancer affects your life and the lives of those you love, you're whole outlook on it changes. We have participated in multiple events every single year since my mothers' diagnosis. We were so lucky that we caught her cancer in time, we still have my mom. Some people don't. More and more people are dying from cancer each year, it is so heartbreaking and heartmarming to hear all the stories from the people you meet at these events. Cancer does not discriminate for age, gender, religion, finances, family, it doesn't matter. It's a ruthless killer. I thank God every day that I still have my mother and my kids have their Nana. 

So, as me and my family look forward to this event, I hope that by reading this you feel compelled to do something. Join an event in your city. Take part. Take a stand against cancer. Or if you would prefer you can help me reach my personal goal of $300. 

Together we can save lives and celebrate more birthdays!

Thanks for reading! And thanks in advance for your support!
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Thanks again!


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