Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Morning

This weekend has been a busy one, which isn't really normal. Our weekends our usually kinda lazy. But not this time. Today will be no different either. Lots of stuff to do around the house inside and out. And I've yet to start on the scrapbook, I would like to think that I will get started on it today, but who knows for sure. 

Yesterday morning, the kids and I went with Nana looking for some yard sales. We found plenty! We both got lots of great deals! Mom racked up on a bunch of brand new toys for the kids, a TV for one of the extra bedrooms at their new house, and a Foosball table! What!?!? Yes, you read that right. I on the other hand, got a little exercise trampoline for five dollars for the kids, a gardening cart (score!), a new dress (still had tags on it), shoes (of course!) and a new beach bag (duh!). I love yard sales! I actually need to have another one here! Mom is planning one at her new place, but I'm not sure when she wants to do it yet. I may just take all the crap we have in the shed here for our yard sales over to her place. Why not? 

On a different note, I am loving my new phone! It's pretty much just like my old Thunderbolt. Richard thinks it's crap and wants me to put Cyanogen on it, but I refuse. Every time he changes crap on my phones it doesn't work right for me. So no. He will not be touching my phone. Oh snap! I just realized I didn't even tell you that I got a new phone! Yay. It's nothing fancy, but it works for what I want and need. It's a Samsung. I wanted an HTC but I didn't want to pay that price. I'm just glad to have Android again, that's all that really matters to me. I got the phone on Thursday, I think. Set it all up, downloaded all the apps I need/want and now I'm kinda obsessed with Instagram. Oh well. 

I guess that's enough rambling for this morning. The kids seem to be starving so it's time to make them some eggs and bacon, per Brookes' request.

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