Friday, May 25, 2012

My Idiot Dog

You know how kids know right from wrong but when they choose to do what's "wrong" they will look at you to see if you are watching them first. Kinda smart. They want to make sure they can get away with it. Which usually doesn't happen, but you kinda have to give them an "A" for effort, in a sense anyway. 
Well, I just realized that one of our idiot dogs, Krumb, does the same thing! Our dogs know "right" from "wrong" too, just like the kids. And in the same sort of ways, Krumb will look at me to see if I'm watching before he does something stupid. Like tonight, after dinner, I was slacking and didn't clear the table right away. God forbid (I know!) But my idiot dog decided that it was OK to knock one of the plates off the table to finish eating what the kids had left behind. Bad idea. It's funny though because I didn't lay a single finger on him, and usually I would, but he knew he was wrong, I could see it in his eyes. Then, not even an hour later, I find him laying on my pillow in my bed! Oh hell to the no! I don't mind the dogs in my bed, even with the dirt, sand and hair left behind. I can handle it. But you will not lay your dirty little ass on my pillow!! And the second that I walked into the bedroom and spotted him, I shot him a dirty look and then he got up and off the bed. Didn't have to say a single word. Good dog, right? Well, no. He knows Mama doesn't like him sleeping on my pillow, but like the kids, he wanted to see if he could get away with it. And he did, for a few minutes anyway.

 Our dogs, Bowzer is on the left (he's the smart one) and Krumb is on the right (he's the idiot)

A mothers' limits are always being tested. 


  1. Poor idiot dog, lol. That is so funny that you mention all you have to do is shoot a look and Krumb just knows that he's in the wrong. I wish my cat had that mentality. I guess she does sometimes, but she's snarky. :)

    1. Yeah, my cat Vader is the same way. For instance, I have his food up higher than the dogs' because the dogs will eat his food if they can reach it. So once Vader eats, instead of jumping down, he just steps over and onto the kitchen table! Really? He knows he doesn't belong up there, but he doesn't care. He runs this place, he knows Mama ain't gonna say crap to him either, LOL!