Monday, May 21, 2012


So with the recent video of Will Smith smacking some reporter for trying to kiss him, the radio show that I listen to in the mornings was talking about who they would be willing to attempt to kiss despite the repercussions. Well, that got me thinking. Who would I try to kiss on the red carpet? 
Jason Statham (Oh, the things I would do to him!) 
Adam Levine (Tie me up or tie me down!)
Johnny Depp (Oh. My. God.)
Steven Tyler (shut your face- I love him!) 
My list could seriously go on for awhile. But I will stop there. Let the fantasies begin! Here's the video in case you missed it: Will Smith Video It is very entertaining. And seriously? I don't blame that dude at all! How could you not try to kiss him? You should be smacked for that. 

I also feel the need to add that I know, as well as you know, that this post is meant to be pure fun. Although, given the chance to meet my guys listed above might result in me getting arrested, it would totally be worth it. 
And just in case the hubs is reading this, I love you baby and they mean nothing to me! Haha!


  1. Hmm...I'd add Channing Tatum, Gerard Butler and Ryan Gosling for my list!