Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rockin' the Arts

Last night, we had to attend a "Rockin' the Arts" performance at Paiges' school. I felt like such as ass though because I completely and undeniably forgot about the whole freakin' thing! I thought it was next week! Oh well. We made it there! She did a great job! As did everyone else! Artwork covered every inch of the walls in the cafeteria, and the music part of the show opened with some 5th graders playing a few songs on the violin. Man, I was impressed! They were so good! That's such a hard instrument to play (from what I hear anyway.) Paige had a few different parts in the show last night. At one point she was playing the xylophone and singing and then she was dancing on stage with the "Jive" dancers! She was so cute!

 Paige before the show

 Myles, Paige and Brooke before the show 

Paiges' ice cream artwork

She makes me one proud mama!

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  1. Awesome! Aside from the forgetfulness, it all worked out and you had fun!