Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Worst Gardener EVER!

I am so completely frustrated this morning it's ridiculous! 
It all kind of started yesterday morning when I went out front to look at the garden and check things out because we have had so much damn rain these past few days. First thing I see are these blue flowers coming out of my big pot, which is a good thing, but I thought that was my dang rose and not the Forget-Me-Nots. Shows what I know!

Pretty. Right?

Now if I could just figure out what that pink "flower" is. Probably a weed. 

So, after noticing the Forget-Me-Nots I saw tons (and I mean tons) of damn ants. Everywhere. On everything. Even in the garden and all over my sunflowers. So instantly I grab my phone and called up my Mom. (I don't know why I call her, she has a blacker thumb than I do! Seriously, she has killed many a cactus in her time.) Anyway, she tells me that they are probably looking for dry land and that I should call up to Home Depot (where she works) and ask someone in garden. Because I told her that I had a can of this disease and pest killing stuff that is specifically for outdoor use on plants. I just wasn't sure if it would do the job. So I get off the phone with her and on the phone with someone in the gardening department who proceeds to tell me that I can use the can of stuff I have on hand and that it will not  harm my plants. Not even my sunflowers (which I specifically asked about.) So I hung up the phone, after thanking him for being so helpful, and I get to spraying. All done. All good. Ants are dead. Instantly. 

So, this morning, I go out front to check my plants and I have BLACK spots/blotches on the leaves of every single freakin' plant in the flower garden! Do you see my frustration? If my damn flowers die because that idiot told me it was OK to spray that shit on them I am going to be pissed. Seriously pissed. First thing I did (of course) was call my mother and rage to her about that idiot. 

 Sorry, it's sideways, but you can see the black on this one.

This one too.

I have worked so dang hard on those sunflowers. I don't care if those ninety-nine cent flowers from the depot die, they can easily be replaced. But those sunflowers, man, it just really sucks. I'm so upset about it. I should have just left those ants alone. Stupid ants. It's totally their fault. They started war when they touched my flowers. Bastards. 

I really hope my flowers don't die. The kids will be upset. I will be upset. And the worst part about it will be the fact that I will have to start all over. Again. 

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