Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hi, my name is... and I'm an addict.

My nine year old daughter had me download a game on my phone called Words With Friends. Pretty decent game. It's basically Scrabble. 

I suck so bad. Seriously, I've been playing all week long and I've maybe won three or four games out of like twenty. It's a challenging game though. That's what I like about it. It makes me think and use my brain. Which is nice. Practice makes perfect they say, so I keep on keepin' on. My daughter doesn't even play anymore with me. She would get frustrated the second she realized that she wasn't winning and she would "resign" from the game and start a new one. Kids are so funny like that. Her especially, she's a sore loser. I on the other hand, think I may have a Word problem. I'm becoming addicted. Which is humorous because I keep loosing. But it's all in fun and it's just a game. 
If you play, feel free to challenge me (iamshellfish) - I'm ready and willing. (And easy to beat!)

On a completely different note, my garden is still kinda up in the air. Not sure if the flowers are going to live or not. Looks like they will. So I'm happy about that. The kids and I planted some marigold seeds the other day in six pots. (The pots the sunflower seeds were in.) Fingers crossed we see some sprouts soon. Please. I refuse to let my black thumb win. 

And there's my cue. (The dryer buzzed.) Time to get off my ass and get shit done today. Unless, or course, Words gets in my way. Again.

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SuperMom out

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