Friday, June 8, 2012

Stop fighting it!!

Never in my life have I met a child who refuses to take medicine as much as my middle daughter does. She is unbelievable. I had to take her to the emergency room last night because her throat had a bunch of tiny red dots on it. I had never seen anything like that and so I freaked out a bit. Turns out she has strep throat and was running a fever. 

This morning, as I am attempting to give her the medicine, she not only fights me to take it in the first place but she ended up spitting it all over herself. TWICE! I had to dunk her in the tub and wash it off her because it was sticky and everywhere! Oh, the frustration!! Thank goodness she only has to be on the antibiotics for a couple days. But now she's refusing to swallow, so she's drooling all over herself and she's refusing to open her mouth to talk or anything. I don't get it at all. It's a never-ending battle with her this morning. Hopefully, she won't fight me so much tomorrow. It's only once a day medicine so I'm not going to try again today. But in the morning, the fight will resume. 

Does your son or daughter fight you to take their medicine when they are sick? Any tips or tricks you would care to share? I know I can mix some medicines in her drink, but she always seems to taste it and then refuses the drink. It's almost as if she would prefer to just stay sick and miserable. Suck it up girl! 

Thanks for reading and ALL comments and tips/tricks are welcome!

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