Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Damn cat!

Good Morning Dolls! 

I hope your morning is off to a better start than mine! My oldest daughter woke me up to tell me that one of the six pots with marigolds seeds in it had broken.
So, of course, I jumped out of bed and went running outside to see what happened! Upon stepping outside, I realize that yes, one pot had been knocked off the rail and was in two pieces, and two other pots had been knocked off as well but they weren't broken. Thankfully. Although, all the pots had sprouts in them! I went into panic mode! My babies were on the ground!! I quickly and carefully picked up the sprouts and put them back in their pots as best as I could, then my daughter and I went out front and dug some holes in the garden to put the sprouts. I hadn't planned on putting in them in the garden so soon, but hopefully, they will survive and flourish! Poor little marigolds.

It's kind of hard to make out, but there are 20 Marigold sprouts.

I'm pretty sure it was my darling cat Vader who knocked the pots over. Asshole. I suppose it's kind of my fault though for thinking it would be OK to have them sitting on the rail of the porch instead of the floor. Oh well. Lesson learned. Thanks Vader.

Thankfully, I know this day will get better because I'm going to get to spend some time with a dear friend of mine who is down for a quick visit from good ol' Georgia. I've missed her, so even though this day didn't start off well, I know it will end well.

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