Monday, June 18, 2012

I need a nap!

What a busy morning I have had. I am so very exhausted! I accomplished what I needed to in the flower garden though! I managed to dig a trench like thingy around the front of the garden and along one side. It was hard work and hot as hell but I got it done!

My "Trench"

Then, I planted Paiges' sunflower on the back row where the other sunflowers are. After that I planted my Forget-Me-Nots, and the two mysterious pink flowers. I then decided to put my spring mix in the garden too. Some of the flowers weren't looking too good so I'm hoping they will start to do better. I even left an area on the top right row for the marigolds, which, by the way, I now how have five out of the six showing sprouts! The kids are so excited about them sprouting so quickly! The garden will look even better once I can move them as well. I'm proud of the work I did today. I pray nothing dies though! Fingers crossed on that one! I even managed to get a little bit of sun today on my back. Not too much. Next time I'll have to put some sunblock on before I go out.

All Done.

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SuperMom out!


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