Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take that Black Thumb!

In general, I suck at growing anything beautiful in a garden. I try, really hard, but somehow for some unknown reason - Everything ends up dead. It's really quite sad. However, my mom gave us some sunflower seeds and what do you think happened to those poor defensless seeds? They grew! Hell yeah! And they are still growing! One of them has what appears to be the makings of a beautiful flower on it! It's so exciting!
 So I say, "Take that Black Thumb!"

 Here's a pic so you can see how tall they have gotten.

And one so you can see the magic that is taking place!

The kids have been so great at helping to make sure we water the plants everyday. Brooke is especially excited to see one starting to bloom. And everyday after school she reminds me that the flowers are as tall as bean stalks! God she is too cute!


  1. I'm not good at gardening either, but I recall having sunflower seeds when I was in the 5th grade. It grew to be very tall and pretty (cause I only had one flower). I remember when we left Mississippi, I had to leave the one plant I successfully grew. That was somewhat sad. But congrats on your sunflowers!

  2. Thanks! We are very excited! This is the FIRST time we've be able to grow anything from just a seed. Usually I buy flowers and just replant them and within a week or two they are usually all dead. LOL